Facebook advertising is the holy grail of online promotion if used intelligently. In no other place can you connect with your perfect customer almost instantly. Over half of all active members log-in daily for an average session time of over 30 minutes. That’s an enormous captive audience that’s virtually untapped.  
There is a right and wrong way to use Facebook, though. You absolutely MUST know the difference if you want to profit big this year. Communication has evolved and your brand needs to start advertising like it’s the year we actually live in! The last thing you want to appear is outdated and out of touch with your market. 
If done in a certain way, Facebook makes it easy to find strategic joint venture partnerships, attract TOP paying clients, gain mass media attention, attract a steady flow of leads, and build yourself as the authority in your field. 

We would be happy to consult with you or your marketing team and help build a step-by-step, automated, and strategic social media plan that incorporates Facebook to MULTIPLY your business growth! Our team has helped private clients in over 25 countries generate a combined $150 million+ in extra sales! They keep their finger on the pulse of the newest Facebook methods which generate instant revenue.

If you're interested in learning Facebook advertising for your company, brand, or business visit our contact page at this link and tell us about your situation. 

Facebook Advertising Benefits

  • To put it in perspective, Facebook ads typically cost 25x LESS than television, radio, billboard or newspaper advertising to reach the same amount of people.
  • Advertisers can laser target their audience by age, location, gender, profession, relationship status, interests, purchase behavior, etc.
  • Ads you create can be targeted directly to new Facebook users, people that have visited your website, and subscribers who are on your email list.
  • News feed ads are what we like to refer to as "native" ads. They don’t look like advertisements. Many social network users can't differentiate between a regular post and a sponsored one.
  • Facebook users can see if one of their friends “liked” your ad. When this happens, it subconsciously influences more people to like and engage with your promotion, too.
  • The more people like, share, and comment on your sponsored advertisement the larger social proof you amass. When other users see how popular the post becomes they feel even more compelled to click the ad to see why everyone likes it.
  • You can multiply the number of “likes” on your Facebook business page with users that consist of your ideal demographic.
  • Advertising allows you to gain dramatically more exposure for your fan page posts. Right now (if you're lucky), only 5-10% of your fans will see your content if you don't spend money to advertise.


Matthew would be happy to speak at your next conference, seminar or big event if it's a good fit. His schedule fills-up quickly and he's typically paid an honorarium when presenting from stage. This is an investment in your company, team, and audience. Contact us at this link to check Matthew's availability.

Done-for-You Facebook Advertising

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