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What kind of contract is required to join Profit 365?
If your company is accepted into our service, we offer 3, 6, and 12 month contracts. There is a lot of testing and optimizing involved with the Facebook ads we create, manage, and optimize on your behalf. At minimum you need to give it three months. One of our main goals is to make your brand famous in your marketplace so that your product / service is perceived as the only logic choice. In order to do that we have to be in front of the public consistently. If you're expecting to get rich quick or be an overnight sensation our service is NOT for you.
Does Profit 365 only work with major brands?
No. While we have an all-star list of household names we run Facebook ad campaigns for we also service small business owners and mid sized companies. These include both Internet based and brick and mortar establishments.
What’s the minimum monthly investment to have Profit 365 work on our behalf?
The minimum ad spend we manage is $500 per month. At that entry level we also charge $500 monthly to create, manage, and optimize your ads. So, your company should have at least $1,000 per month budgeted. Lastly, at this tier there’s a small one-time new client processing fee of $97. See the monthly management pricing chart for details on other levels.
Why is there a one-time new client processing fee?
The main reason is because all of our client solutions are custom built from scratch. Profit 365 is not a cookie cutter service. A local doctor with a $1,000 month advertising budget will have much less initial work than a blue chip company spending $30,000 per month advertising many different products. Based upon this, the processing fee will vary depending on the size and needs of the business. We ask you to speak with our team about your individual needs and we’ll be happy to give you a custom quote.
Where is your monthly management pricing chart?
You can find our monthly management fee chart at this link.
Is my area geographically exclusive?
Yes. If you own a local business then we will only accept one professional/specialty per zip code. You lock up that area.
How much time until I start to see results?
Every brand, company, and small business is different. While we could share powerful success stories from clients that have done exceptionally well in their first two months, we like to be conservative. A lot of testing goes into the ads we create since we know one size doesn’t fit all. When we create, optimize, and manage your ads expect your traffic, reach, brand awareness and visibility to increase immediately.

However, you may not see any new clients in your first month since our team is testing constantly to find the sweet spot. This is not common but it is a possibility. Results always improve after the first month, though.
How much time do I have to personally devote weekly?
You should expect to spend 20-30 minutes per week creating content if we ask. While 95% of this service is done-for-you it’s important that you put our own voice in periodically. Businesses and brands that have financially done the best on social media have put some of their own time in.
Can I speak to the people working on my behalf?
Yes. We have assigned an account manager to your Profit 365 account. You’ll be contacted via email soon after your initial sign-up to set up a time to speak on the phone. This initial call will take around 20 minutes. Clients have one call per month with their account manager. You have unlimited email support throughout the month, too. Email response time is usually within 12-24 hours, sometimes much faster. If you have questions at any time please submit them via email and you’ll receive a prompt response.
How do I refer a friend or colleague to your service?
First of all, thank you for thinking of us. We’d be happy to help your colleagues grow. Each new client must complete an application to determine if we’re a good fit or if we’re not. Please send them to our website and have them use the contact form.
Does my company receive a discount if I pay for a year in advanced?
Yes. If you’re committed to the long haul and would like to pay for a year in advance we would waive one month of management fees. That’s typically a savings of between $500 and $3,000 respectively.
How do I cancel my membership?
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can terminate your membership by emailing us. Just provide a 10 day notice before your current agreed upon contract expires.
How is Facebook advertising different from Google Adwords?
Google is a search network. People typically search for solutions to their problems on the platform. This can be a great way to advertise but it’s more “reactive” and can be very costly. You have to wait until the prospective customer searches for a keyword you’re bidding on. Then Google serves up your sponsored ad. With Facebook advertising you can proactively put your message in front of your ideal customer instantly. Furthermore, we have many more high level targeting options to select from like interests, demographics, behaviors, etc.
How much do Facebook ads cost?
A lot less than Google! You can get so much more bang for your buck with Facebook advertising than other networks. Ads can run anywhere from a few cents per click to a few dollars per click. It really depends on the industry, targeting, product and service. At bare minimum, we recommend spending at least $500 per month to get the momentum going. Many of our clients end up ditching expensive conventional media like TV, radio, billboards, and newspapers as they see the traffic, reach, and impact their Facebook ads are making.

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