Profit 365 Facebook Advertising Application

Thank you for applying for our VIP Facebook advertising program.
To improve your chance of success please answer these questions clearly. You are not limited to any length in your replies, however we appreciate direct and to the point responses.
If a question is not appropriate for your situation, briefly explain why in your reply.
Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis. Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance nor does it bind you to any contract. We currently have a waiting list and take a limited number of clients per intake.
Instructions: When complete, please save this file using your full name as the file name (e.g. john-smith), then attach it to an email and send to

Here's why you absolutely MUST harness Facebook advertising this year.

To put it in perspective, Facebook ads typically cost 25x LESS than television, radio, billboard or newspaper advertising to reach the same amount of people.

Advertisers can laser target their audience by age, location, gender, profession, relationship status, interests, purchase behavior, etc.

Ads you create can be targeted directly to new Facebook users, people that have visited your website, and subscribers who are on your email list.

News feed ads are what we like to refer to as "native" ads. They don’t look like advertisements. Many social network users can't differentiate between a regular post and a sponsored one.

Facebook users can see if one of their friends “liked” your ad. When this happens, it subconsciously influences more people to like and engage with your promotion, too.

The more people like, share, and comment on your sponsored advertisement the larger social proof you amass. When other users see how popular the post becomes they feel even more compelled to click the ad to see why everyone likes it.

You can multiply the number of “likes” on your Facebook business page with users that consist of your ideal demographic.

Advertising allows you to gain dramatically more exposure for your fan page posts. Right now (if you're lucky), only 5-10% of your fans will see your content if you don't spend money to advertise.


Do you have a Facebook fan page for your business? This is separate than a personal profile. If so, what’s the Facebook URL? List it below. If not, do you need our team to create a business fan page for you?

Why do you want to use Facebook advertising for your company? What is your objective? (Brand awareness? Facebook likes? Content engagement? Website traffic? Lead generation? Video views? Attract people to your event? New customers, clients, and/or sales?)

Is your company, brand, or business doing any social media promotion currently? If so, what? Be specific.

Is your company, brand, or business doing any conventional advertising in the form of radio, television, newspaper, or billboards?

What is your ideal client avatar? In other words, who is most likely to engage with or buy your product/service? We’re looking for specifics here down to any minor details. (Age? Gender? Geographic location? Interests? Hobbies? Purchase behavior? TV shows watched? Etc.)

What are the top two aspects of your Internet presence you would like to improve?

What are your financial goals (how much revenue do you want to generate yearly)?

Have you hired a Facebook advertising agency in the past? If so, what did you find beneficial and what did you NOT like?

How much did you spend on marketing / advertising for your company last year?

What is your current monthly advertising budget?

How much do you initially plan on investing per month in Facebook advertising? Check one.

What do you consider your biggest obstacle stopping you from success online today?

What is the long term vision for your business, company, or brand?

How many visitors per day do you average to your website?

How many new clients, customers, or sales do you currently attract each month from the Internet and social media?

Please place a check in the appropriate box below for your approximate annual revenue during the last two years (one box per year). This information is kept strictly confidential.

Last Year

Two years ago

What is your average lifetime value per client/customer?

Why should we work with your company and help you grow your brand with Facebook advertising?

Are you willing and able to create a few pieces of content (video or article) if we recommend using them in your Facebook advertising?

Do you have any video testimonials from previous clients?

Do you have a Facebook advertising account set up (personal or business)?

Do you have any questions for us or any additional information you would like to share?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this document. We’ll confirm receipt of your application via email reply once we have your files. After we have reviewed your details, we’ll let you know if we’re a good fit to work together.


Facebook Ad Account Access

In order for Profit 365 to start working on your behalf, you need to provide us access to your advertising account. If you are familiar with this process, simply visit your ads manager on Facebook and add Profit 365 as a partner to your ad account with admin access. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Manager account or know how to set up an ads account, your Profit 365 account manager can do it for you. He/she will ask for your info on your call.

Please Select:


Fan Page Access

Every Facebook ad must be accompanied by a Fan page. In order to create ads on your behalf, Profit 365 needs to access your fan page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you’ll need to create one or we can do it for you.

FYI... You don’t have to be Facebook friends with someone to give them access to your Facebook page.

Please Select:


Creative Upload

We encourage you to share your best creatives (photos, videos, video testimonials, etc.) with your Profit 365 account manager. This helps us add an extra personal touch when promoting your brand or business.


Analytics Access

We would like to request access to your Google Analytics or other web tracking program. Please send the details to your Profit 365 account manager when he/she contacts you. If you don't have these details please email your current webmaster so they can provide you access.


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