Are you currently using Facebook advertising for your business? Or, have you dabbled with Facebook ads in the past with not much success? Do you feel like your company is only tapping into a fraction of the potential and that you're capable MUCH better results? Would you like to just have everything done for you the right way? If you answered yes to any of those questions you're on the correct page. Now is the time to turn your Facebook advertising over to our team of seasoned experts.
Over the years we've serviced thousands of clients and know what works most effectively. We're here to guide you step-by-step and make the process easy. The Profit 365 team creates, deploys, manages, and optimizes your Facebook ad campaigns so you can automate the growth of your business and get profitable fast. 
The reality is this. If you’re not using Facebook advertising in your online promotion you simply cannot compete. 
In no other place can you flip-a-switch and reach your ideal customer within a matter of seconds. As social media and the Internet continue to change, businesses will either evolve with the times or become obsolete. With over 2 BILLION users Facebook has built an unprecedented opportunity for your brand to reach its perfect audience with extraordinary precision. If done correctly, this leads to mass notoriety and strong recognition.  

Why You Must Use Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook ads typically cost 25x LESS than television, radio, billboard or newspaper advertising to reach the same amount of people.
  • Advertisers can laser target their audience by age, location, gender, profession, relationship status, interests, purchase behavior, etc.
  • Ads you create can be targeted directly to new Facebook users, people that have visited your website, and subscribers who are on your email list.
  • News feed ads are what we like to refer to as "native" ads. They don’t look like advertisements. Many social network users can't differentiate between a regular post and a sponsored one.
  • Facebook users can see if one of their friends “liked” your ad. When this happens, it subconsciously influences more people to like and engage with your promotion, too.
  • The more people like, share, and comment on your sponsored advertisement the larger social proof you amass. When other users see how popular the post becomes they feel even more compelled to click the ad to see why everyone likes it.
  • You can multiply the number of “likes” on your Facebook business page with users that consist of your ideal demographic.
  • Advertising allows you to gain dramatically more exposure for your fan page posts. Right now (if you're lucky), only 5-10% of your fans will see your content if you don't spend money to advertise.

Here's What the Profit 365 Service Does For you

  • Gets you more new clients, customers, and sales each month from the world's #1 social network! We do all the heavy lifting and handle the time intensive tech stuff for you.
  • Dramatically increases your brand visibility and awareness so you become famous in the market you service. Our goal is to make you well known!
  • Generates substantially more website traffic and leads for your business every day without you having to lift a finger.
  • Turns your brand into an unstoppable public relations machine that creates goodwill and trust in the marketplace.
  • Builds relationships and engages your target market so people get to know, like, and trust your company.

Here's What to Do Next

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